Navigated; negotiated; closed 3 deals with the Walt Disney Company (Anaheim) & 5 ac on Harbor Blvd into a Hotel and McDonald’s Restaurant (across street from Disneyland); and 55 Acre Fujishige’s Strawberry Farm.

As a visionary pioneered the following brands: Comfort Inn Suites, Travelodge Suites; Radisson Suites. 

Developed: Red Lion Inn (400 rooms Disneyland, Anaheim), Marriott Fairfield Suites (425 Rooms), Travelodge; Comfort Inn; Roadway Inn; Wyndham’s World Mark (455 Rooms, Anaheim), Holiday Inn Express (150 Rooms, LAX), Hampton Inn (175 Rooms, Carson); Hilton Suites (200 Rooms, Dana Point) and a total of 24 hotels and motels, over 2,000 rooms.
Voyager Hotel Group developed two private label boutique hotel chains Premier Inns (3) and True Value Inns (7)

Voyager preserved a historical monument (Untied Artist Theatre & Office Building presto-chango the “ACE HOTEL.”

Currently working to reintroduce the “DUDE” ranch, (Cowboy Hotel), working with a management group and the brand called “THE RANCH.”


The RANCH creates a positive everlasting experience unlike any others. With immaculate vision unfolds classic service and ingenuity. We believe to be unique, you’ll stand out from all the rest. There’s a commonality that everyone shares, whether you’re an investor, employee, the RANCH guest, or you simply came to dine at our restaurant, it is the chance to be part of something special. Meet PEARL & ya’ll keep you comin’ back. THE RANCH waves its own flag like TEXAS. We are offering YOU an entrance to the World of FUN, New Connections, Business Opportunities and “to become a intricate piece of history.” When one enters The Ranch there is always an element of “Stardust and Texas.” People pay money to have their wishes granted we do it with Texas Hospitality. We have put ourselves in the shoes of our guests so that every step they take is nothing short of magnificent. We have more magic tricks up our sleeves to insure success. Our reservation system is delivered by one of the world’s largest and most successful companies. No Cookie Cutter, we are the “Cookie. We do serve star shaped cookies at Christmas !!!


THE RANCH where Texas is a Country !!! Some include the Airstream Village. Extravaganzas packed into automobiles all week, every weekend, ended up at the RANCH; everyone: from every walk of life, from every corner of every City, this kaleidoscopic carnival spills through RANCH’S door… the RANCH marries Hospitality with Entertainment creating guest experiences. A caravansary of Billionaire play-boys, publishers, and their blond nurses… Heiresses comparing inheritances on the whimsical pool deck… roulette tables spinning in the Speakeasy… Gossip columnists… Alongside bankrollers and governors exchanging telephone numbers… Film stars… Broadway directors… Morality protectors… Casino collectors… Underage hecklers… And famous photographers, dubious descendent of Royalty! Gaze out over the impossibly decadent party. Remember everything is Possible. What do we do when the quests get tired of, when they get use to . . . something at the RANCH when they look for the next Spectacle – the RANCH gives to them – this is how the RANCH will this will last !!! Our secret is we know Dances do not last. So therefore: as a women’s motto says: Dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy!! The RANCH offers a luxury southern hospitality experiences from the nostalgic past – so we transport you as a guest to the past thru retro/western design and furniture.

The staff’s attire and the service of those days long gone to the budgetary way of the present where accountants seem to be nickel & dimming the guest to death and they try to make up for by creating guest loyalty thru rewards programs. And frankly the reason of going back in time is that was the last any degree of comfort was offered to guests. Circling around the RANCH on occasion riding around are Cowgirls & Cowboys, trick roping; ride a horse save a Cowboy!

There’s an old Cowboy saying about something be so oblivious it was said “there is an Buffalo in the room” how can you not seem or hearing what I am say. So there is a Buffalo in the Lobby – it is memorable “4 Luck” says, Pearl. Talked about your observations on blogs and social media, Instagram or Facebook. The Lobby communal seating, Pearl’s gals strike out in a songs, some of girls spin rope trick small bar, intimate RANCH apparel shop. The beautiful Glitter Gulch Gal glows in neon is perched near a fireplace mantle, Pearl’s salon check-in.

The Ranch’s smart phone “APP” tellin’ of things going on, such as the entertainment and the menu. When quests unpack in their rooms they’ll may notice something missin’. No problem, the Lobby has antiquities such as boots, accessories such as necktie clasps, sterling silver hand engraved belt buckles, leather belts, 100 year old pocket watches for men and ladies. Let the fun begin, one of Pearl’s Gals or a Dude (dashing, swagger and charm) grabs a mic and sings to a song playing the RADIO. Cowgirls walk thru the lobby and pool area spinning rope tricks. Fancy dressed gals prance thru the Lobby announcing Cigars, Cigarettes and advertising hotel’s Events. Early evening a singer mingles thru the crowded lobby singing a song to lure guests to Speakeasy (Grand Ole Opre’ style). What a place! What an itinerary! Always fun. Leaving you something to talk about for years to come.